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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mesa (AZ) to Big River (CA) - 194 miles

March 14-16, 2012 - On Wednesday, we visited Tom’s family, Ruth and Wayne, at their winter home in Mesa.  It was a beautiful afternoon to have drinks and snacks on their back patio and grilled burgers for dinner.  They live close to the Superstition mountains.  We’ll have to plan our time better on our next trip so we can spend more time exploring the area with them. 

Thursday was moving day again.  We stopped at a Ford dealer to get the oil changed in the RV.  Then we were on our way west.  We stayed on the Colorado River for two days at Rio del Sol RV Haven in Big River (CA).  RVs were packed in tighter than ever there!  The temps were hot, but we discovered that it was much cooler by the river with breezes blowing over the cool water.  So, we spent some time relaxing at the river with books and drinks.

On Friday, we drove up the California side of the Colorado River and down the Arizona side, crossing the narrow Parker Dam that forms Lake Havasu.  We found a national wildlife refuge where we can launch our kayaks.  We also found the RV park that my parents spent their winters at twenty years ago.  We plan to move to that park for the weekend.

Ruth, Tom and Wayne - Tom's family in Mesa (AZ)

Wild burros along the road near the Colorado River

Pat at the Colorado River

Sign at the Rio del Sol RV Haven

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