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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Amado (AZ)

March 5-7, 2012 - Tom woke up with a cold Monday morning, so we spent two days hanging out at the RV listening to him sniffle.  I did make Chicken Noodle soup for him.  We’ve been reading and napping and planning new adventures. 

On Wednesday, we drove 20 miles to Arivaca Lake to spend the afternoon and have a picnic, but it was so windy and cool that we came back to the RV.  While we were at the lake, we did spot two Vermilion flycatchers, so we felt like real "birders."  There are a lot of Birders down here with their binoculars and massive lenses on their cameras.  We came through a Border Patrol station on our way back.  We've been through so many of those now that we're getting more comfortable with them.  It's fascinating to watch the drug-sniffing dogs at the major patrol stations.  Those dogs work feverishly to detect something illegal.  They must get some kind of grand reward for finding those drugs!  We spent the rest of the day in the RV because it was so windy and cool.  I'm feeling cramped in our 160-square-foot home.

We've decided to go back up to Tucson Mountain Park.  We really like the Sonoran desert there with the Saguaro cactus and Ocotillo and Prickly Pear.  So, we'll be leaving the high desert here in Amado today.  We're hoping to get back into the Gilbert Ray Campground, which means we won't have internet access again.  We'll catch up with you later.

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