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Monday, July 4, 2011

Kalaloch Trip

Kalaloch (pronounced clay lock)  June 8-10, 2011

Kalaloch is an Olympic National Park campground on the Pacific Ocean.  We backed into a site on the cliff right over the water!  The site was not level, which meant we had to make a few adjustments to living in our home on wheels.  We slept with our heads at the foot of our bed and ran the refrigerator for only very short periods of time - something about the refrigerator needing to be level to work on the LP gas.  Next trip, we will have some kind of outside leveler gadget to straighten us out.

It was a relaxing two-night getaway, though.  We walked along the beach and through the forested campground.  Read books and wrote in journals and baked cookies.  RV Tip:  When we make cookies at home now, we freeze some of the dough.  On the road, we can bake a dozen cookies in our little oven with the bit of dough we have brought along.  Mmmmmmm!

We paid only $7.00 per night for a site at Kalaloch.  Tom was able to get the senior discount, aka the geezer discount.  The campground does not have any hookups.  We are finding that we like this kind of dry camping.  

A home with a view of the Pacific Ocean

On the edge

How is this tree hanging on?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The First RV Trip

Sequim to Walla Walla, Washington  May 17-21, 2011

We set out on our first RV trip two weeks after we bought our Winnebago.  It was fun planning and packing for a five-day road trip to southeastern Washington.  I love sitting higher in the cab where I get a slightly different perspective of the passing scenery and can even see over bridge railings to the water below.  Every time we pull over for a driving break, I set out some kind of snack for us to eat - stuffed dates, tortilla wraps, smoked salmon, cheese and crackers, nuts, fruit, chocolate, cookies.  We're going to gain weight just from the rest stops we take along the way!

Our cats, Cooper and Teva, have to learn to be RV cats.  Tom has been taking them out to the RV for a little bit each day to help them get familiar with their second home.  They are not so sure that they like this lifestyle yet.  They do move fairly well around the RV when it is moving.  Except the time that Tom stepped on the brake and a cat fell on top of his head from the loft overhead, knocking his glasses off!  Fortunately, no one was behind us and there was a good pull-out space along the side of the road.  We were soon back to being one happy family moving down the road again.

We stayed at a nice RV park in Toppenish, WA the first two nights - pool, hot tub, walking paths, nice mountain views.  We were having trouble finding an overnight RV space in Walla Walla, WA the next night and I thought we were going to have to stay in a Walmart parking lot.  A quick change of plans led us to Pierce's Green Valley along the Walla Walla River west of town.  The RV Park has been created out of a hay field that is no longer being mowed.  We met the owner, a woman who was given the tract of land when her husband no longer was able to hay it.  I love meeting people as we travel and hearing their stories.

Filling the RV with gas is quite an experience.  It takes two times to get it filled.  The gas pump shuts off at $75-99, depending on where you get gas.  So, we have to start the pump a second time to get the tank filled.  I don't mind spending the money for gas.  I love being on the road, seeing the sights, and meeting people.  I'd rather spend money on a tank of gas than a night in a hotel room where you sleep the time away.

I have also learned that RVs move slower than cars, especially uphill.  I will have a lot more patience while following an RV from now on.  You need to walk a mile in someone's moccasins to know a thing.  I have traveled in RV moccasins now and have learned a thing or two...